After completing my studies in psychology in former Yugoslavia, I’ve worked for 20 years as a mental health practitioner, both as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. I’ve practiced in Vienna, Austria, San Francisco, USA and for the past 10 years, here in the Netherlands. In addition to my postdoctoral education in clinical psychology, and postdoctoral education in psychotherapy, I am specialized in Schema Therapy, EMDR (level 1) and I have broad clinical experience with Systems Therapy. Sinds 2015 I am general supervisor in psychotherapy.

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and have lived in Austria, the USA and have finally made my home here in the Netherlands for the past 11 years. In addition to my private practice I also work for PsyQ as psychotherapist for individuals, couples and families and as a group psychotherapist.

As professional I am fascinated and inspired by new developments in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy. I am particularly interested in finding new synergies and, combinations in emerging thinking on better balancing the focus on “problems” i.e. that which should be less with “strengths of a person”, that which we should grow.

Having been a stranger myself in different countries, I have personally experienced how it feels to be at home at different places and at the same time somehow to not feel a sense of belonging. This has highlighted for me the importance of dealing with a sense of searching for belonging on different levels (specifically as is experienced by third culture peoples, pioneers, travellers and the like).