Patients can either be referred by their GP, or can refer themselves for treatment. I treat a diverse range of issues, including for example: Depression, Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Anxiety (e.g. panic disorder), Phobias, identity issues, low self esteem, relational problems, personality problems, bad habits or questions relating to adjustment, (re)development of attaining personal goals.

For serious psychiatric problems (such as psychosis, for example) where continued monitoring of medication is needed or if person is acutely in crisis and requires 24/7 monitoring is needed (as for example serious personality problems) or where clinical treatment is needed, I will refer to patient to a mental health institution (such as Parnassia or PsyQ). However what I can then offer is counselling, advice or treatment of the family and friends in relation to the patient.

I work with a range of problems from individual problems, problems in or related to interpersonal contexts to problems related to work. After the initial intake meeting a plan of treatment will be discussed and drawn up. The treatment will either be dedicated to the individual or may be in relation to wider interpersonal contexts. This will be determined on the basis of the intake assessment.