As I am licensed as a psychotherapist and psychologist (clinical psychologist) by the Dutch health authority a greater part of treatment costs are likely to be covered by individual (Dutch) health insurance. I strongly urge patients to fully inform themselves prior to any treatment trajectory as to the eventual potential reimbursement for treatment costs from their individual health insurance as these can vary between different health insurance companies.

For 2022 Praktijk Begic has contracts with following insurance companies: Coöperatie VGZ (VGZ, IZA, Univé, N.V. UMC), ENO (Salland, Holland Zorg en Zorg Direct), ASR (De Amersfoortse, Ditzo), Zilveren Kruis met de merken (Zilveren Kruis, Pro Life, One Underwriting, FBTO,  Interpolis, Achmea, De Friesland), Menzis (Menzis, Anderzorg), DSW (Stad Holland, In Twente, DSW), ONVZ, OWM Zorgverzekeraar Zorg en Zekerheid UA, Caresq with the labels (iptiQ, labels Promovendum,Besured, Aon NationalAcademic en EUCARE,label Aevitae) and with CZ, Centrale Zorgverzekeringen NZV en Ohra.

Similarly many international health insurance companies may cover psychotherapy but this needs to be checked with individual insurance companies.

For coaching or for people choosing to pay treatment themselves the following prices apply in 2021:
Individual consult, 45 minutes : € 114
Individual consult, 60 minutes: € 150
Consultation with more than one individual, 75 minutes: € 195
Coaching, 45 minutes: € 114

In some cases employer might cover coaching costs; I recommend you consult your employer in this regard.